Shiitake Based Seasonings And Rubs

About Shiitake Based Seasonings:

We mix and package these seasonings ourselves using the highest quality ingredients, 30% pure shiitake that we grow here at Duckabush. They’re amazing cooked on meats, add to vegetables. The exception is popcorn seasoning which uses our 14 blend and nutritional yeast.

Pure Ground Shiitake Powder:

This is pure ground shiitake mushrooms we grow here at Duckabush. Each pound of powder requires 10 pounds of fresh mushroom. They’re dried and milled to a fine powder, the taste and smell is amazing!

About Pure Ground Lion's Mane Powder:

Our Lion’s Mane powder is made from fresh dried lion’s mane fruits, it adds the great taste of lion’s mane to any dish. No fillers or additives.