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Our mushroom powders are all grown here on the Olympic Peninsula of WA state. Listed below are our most popular powders, we can however package any of the powders in the 14 blend (listed below) on a special order basis, either a la carte, or your preferred custom blend, drop me an email at: DuckabushMushrooms@GMail.com

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6 Blend: (In Stock)
The Five Mushroom Blend is a combination of some of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms.
Reishi, Shiitake, Chaga, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail. Lion’s Mane

14 Blend: (In Stock).
This powerful blend has been formulated with 14 mushrooms traditionally used to support the immune system and to encourage overall health. Add this powder to your foods, tea, smoothies, or place it in Gelatin capsules.

Lion’s Mane

Turkey Tail (in stock)

Reishi (In Stock)

Chaga (In Stock)

Shiitake (In Stock)

Cordyceps Militaris (In Stock)

Available as special order:
Tinder Polypore

Special orders:
Email DuckabushMushrooms@GMail.com

Packaged by Duckabush Mushrooms
In the commercial kitchen of Goodness Tea
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