About us at Duckabush

My son Jason and I started Duckabush Mushrooms in 2017, we grow mushrooms in climate controlled rooms to sell at the Port Townsend farmers market, we settled on shiitake because of they’re popularity and because they’re used medicinally in many places. We grow these on alder sawdust from a local mill, in poly bags that hold about 2 gallons each, they take roughly 3 months to harvest and are a lot of work. We also make our own spawn and work with mycelium on agar in petri dishes, so we have 2 labs (clean rooms) with sterile flow hoods on glass tables. In 2019 we began growing mycelium on organic brown rice, which is used to produce a mushroom powder that we mix with fruit bodies of the same strain. These are also grown in sterile poly bags, then dried and milled to a powder that’s used as a supplement for a variety of medicinal purposes thought to be alternative medicine in many Asian countries, these powders are available on our website at:
We’ve tried to go with a health oriented niche, we began offering our own brand of local honey, and have a homemade creamed honey that’s fantastic! Then we started mixing our own seasoning with dried shiitake that we grow ourselves. Recently we started making our own mushroom tinctures, premium teas, coffee drinks with mushrooms named “Duckabrew,” 1 is named “Duckwater.”
We’re a small family run business, it’s a lot of work, we’re still learning, doing our best to keep up with the big guys. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you, or just tell us what you think, or where you found us to help our marketing.
We truly appreciate your support!

Jeff Maloney